Minoxidil Express is a retailer registered in USA and have locations across Europe. We have been supplying premium hair loss products for well over 12 years. Our flagship products Follics and Regrowth Labs (formarly known as Polaris Research Laboratories ) are made in USA and unlike other competitors who supplies similar products the company and manufacturing facilities of our suppliers of our topical treatment are inspected by the relevant authorities as Follics and Regrowth Labs are based in USA. So you can rest assure what you are buying is genuine and the highest level of quality.

If you are a new user to our products or minoxidil itself then it is highly recommended you seek professional advice as hair loss causes can be different from person to person and only then we recommend you order a single unit to see how you react because not all minoxidil are the same. We sincerely hope our products has some good outcome whether you use our products or a different brand please be aware minoxidil or any kind of hair loss treatment will not show immediate results as hair regrowth is a slow process and can take 3-6 months some people might need longer time to see if there is any results.

As we have several types of topical treatments please use which ever is best suited to your needs.



Our goal is to improve the efficacy of proven pharmaceutical molecules by employing novel proprietary formulation techniques. Follics is deeply rooted in research and has grown to become the largest provider of specialized hair-regrowth products to the medical community.

With fewer than 30 employees, our research-and-development department works closely with molecular biologists and dermatologists in the search for new and innovative molecules that get us progressively closer to a cure for baldness. Guided by pharmaceuticals that treat illness and consumer products that contribute to day-to-day wellness, we are actively engaged in research, development, manufacture, and sales of innovative products that can make a difference in people’s health and well-being.

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