Regrowth Labs SP2 (Spironolactone) NO PG


Hair Regrowth Treatment
Regrowth Labs SP2 is a pharmaceutical-grade hair regrowth treatment containing the highest purity Spironolactone USP 2%, an effective topical DHT-blocker that prevents hair loss locally in the area where it is applied without affecting overall hormone levels. Propanediol, a Propylene Glycol alternative, reduces skin irritation and delivers optimum absorption. SP2 treats the entire scalp against hair loss–both the vertex and hairline.

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Spironolactone acts as an anti-androgen and can help women experiencing hair loss due to high levels of androgens. The drug causes the adrenal glands and ovaries to slow down production of androgens, and also blocks the action of androgens that are produced. It can stop dihydrotesterone — the form of testosterone that causes hair loss — from binding to its androgenetic receptor and affecting the hair follicle.
Propanediol is a natural, plant-based, skin-friendly, preservative-boosting alternative to petroleum-based Propylene Glycol. With no irritation, enhanced moisturization and excellent aesthetics, Propanediol is ideal for hair care products. Importantly, it is also used as a high-performing carrier for actives and botanical extracts.

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