Polaris Research NR08 7%


Polaris Research NR08 7% Minoxidil
For men with hair loss at the vertex (crown) of the scalp and at the frontal hairline.
Premium Polaris NR08 incorporates next-generation Liposphere technology to achieve optimal absorption of active ingredients. GHK-CU is an anti-inflamatory comppond that assists in hair growth.

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Polaris Research NR08 Hair Regrowth Treatment – 7% Minoxidil
Liposphere technology- an advanced lamellar lipid bilayer delivery system – encapsulated compounds in a matrix similar to natural skin.
Vectored by Lipospheres, the active substances permeates the stratum corneum to merge with deeper layers of skin, instead of merely dissipating at the surface. Lipospheres release payload gradually over time for maximum effect.
Liposphere technology allows Polasis NR-08 to use less alchol and propylene glycol, which could irrate scalp. Liposphere strengthens the scalp’s protective lipid barrier function, slowing transdermal water loss and minimizing irration.

Active ingredients: Minoxidil 7% – the main ingredient for stimulating hair growth Apple polyphenol – has an antioxidant, antimutagenic, antibacterial effect, improves blood circulation, supports skin tissues Lipospheric system – microscopic capsules that deliver active substances directly to the follicles Azelaic and oleic acids – restrain negative effects 5-alpha reductase – an enzyme derived from testosterone responsible for hair loss Dwarf palm extract – a natural blocker of dehydrotestosterone. Biotin and retinol -makes this baldness treatment able to effectively regulate lipid production. Being one of the main components of biological membranes, lipids affect the permeability of cells and the activity of many enzymes Vitamin and mineral complex – abundantly nourishes the hair with the necessary substances for growthGHK-Cu copper-containing tripeptide – stimulates hair growth similar to the action of minoxidil. GHK-Cu is used in the composition of products for improving the engraftment of hair follicles after hair transplantation.

Mode of application: using the spray applicator spray 4 squirts or if using the dropper use 1ml 2 times a day- evenly distribute with your fingers and massage into the scalp- do not wash off. For best results use overnight and wash/rinse off in the moring Warnings:- for external use only consult a qualified physician before using any kind of treatment, Keep out of reach of children.

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