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Polaris Research NR-07 is a preparation for stimulating hair growth and combating baldness, intended for men. This application allows you to effectively cope with various types of alopecia, including in the initial and middle stages. Also Polaris Research NR-07 is recommended for occasional use to prevent male pattern baldness and also it is best to use first before trying more stronger application or can be
used in conjuction with other application.

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Product Description

The action of Polaris Research NR-07 is based on a whole complex of effective substances, each of
which contributes to the normalization of the hair follicles and their activation. The peculiarity of this
remedy is that it is able to overgrow bald patches, awakening to active work even those follicles that are
in the “sleep phase” for a long time.

Liposphere technology provides the deepest penetration of active ingredients directly into the follicle
growth zone. The content of propylene glycol is minimized, which almost completely eliminates the
likelihood of skin irritation. Polaris Research NR-07 has undergone numerous clinical studies. Its
effectiveness and harmlessness to health are also confirmed by practical use by men from the USA and
European countries.


minoxidil in 5% solution – the main stimulant of hair growth;

apple polyphenol – a powerful antioxidant, also has a pronounced antibacterial effect;

lipospheric system – a complex of microcapsules that provide deep penetration of the drug substances
into the skin;

azelaic and oleic acids – designed to neutralize harmful toxins that accumulate in the growth zone of
follicles and impede their development and nutrition;

dwarf palm extract – a natural substance that stabilizes the production of testosterone and its derivative –
dehydrotestosterone toxin;

biotin and retinol – normalize lipid balance;

complexes of vitamins and minerals – improve the nutrition of follicles and skin cells.

Mode of application:

Polaris Research NR-07 is supplied as a spray. Apply the product twice a day with an interval of at least
8 hours. One application – 4 presses on the dispenser button. Direct the spray directly onto the hair in the
area of the desired treatment.


The drug should not be used by women, as well as by men with problems of the cardiovascular system
or allergies to the components of the product. If you notice any deterioration in your health after starting
to use Polaris Research NR-07, stop using it and consult your doctor.

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