Important information for EU customers. As of 1st July 2021, the EU commission has implemented the new rules of importing goods from any countries outside the EU and since the UK is no longer part of the EU this rule also applies to goods sent from the UK and any goods imported by EU consumers from outside the EU regardless of value. Please note we are not on the IOSS system but have a specialist customs broker who handles all of these processes.

The price you pay is final there are no further charges once it arrives in the destination country, each of the product manufacturers will pay any VAT charges through their own IOSS so you should receive your goods just as before, however in the very unlikely event you do get charged any VAT please send us a copy of the charges to which we will refund in full within 48 hours of receiving.

Also bear in mind delivery may experience longer transit times especially if the destination country is further away from the UK the average delivery times to the EU can take anywhere from 8 to 20 working days, if you have any further question/s please contact us. Thank you.