Important information for EU customers. As of 1st July 2021 the EU commission has implemented the new rules of importing goods from any countries outside the EU and since the UK is no longer part of EU this rule also applies on goods sent from the UK and any good imported by EU consumer regardless of value. Please note we are not on the IOSS system but have a specialist custom broker.

The new rule can be read here Before this new rule most orders from us used to arrive VAT and Duty free as the declared value was less than 22 euros as most products was backed by the manufacture in the event of loss or damage hence we where able value to ship it as low value goods regardless of order size but this is no longer the case as for EU customers there is no longer low value relief from VAT and Duty which means if you order anything outside of the EU be it low value or as a gift it will be subject to VAT being applied along with added handling charge by the carrier which is approximately 12- 15 euros.

The good news is as we have many customers from the EU we will pay this VAT and Duty upfront so you should not have to pay anything on delivery the current EU shipping price £16.95 includes the small handling fee charged by customs broker but you can ask us to remove this fee and have it sent as before which was £11.95 but be warned the costs can be very high even if the value is 1 euro once it arrives in the destination country.

Please also note we have removed some of the EU countries from our shipping list this is because they are still pending to be added on the pre-pay VAT scheme with our carrier so as soon as they are added on the pre-pay list it will be re-added this does not mean we can not ship to those countries it is only because we can not ship with VAT and Duty pre-paid which we would have paid ourself but you can still ask us to ship and claim back the VAT by simply providing a copy of VAT payment receipt.

Please note countries further away from the UK will take longer to arrive so for example orders from Eastern Europe and Italy Croatia Portugal may take between 15-25 working days because of the extra procedure now required for EU.